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Matthias Mainza Chona
1930 - 2001

Welcome to the website of Matthias Mainza Chona a Zambian veteran politician and  Nationalist.

He was born in Nampeyo, a village east of  Monze town in the Southern Province of Zambia. His father was Chief Chona Hameja Chilala of the Tonga people. Mainza married Yolanta Chimbamu Mainza on 24th May 1953.

His brilliance as a young student awarded him a scholarship to Munali Secondary School after he scored the highest grades in the Southern Province. He later got a scholarship from the British colonial government to study law at Gray’s Inn in England. He was the first Zambian to qualify as a barrister in 1958.

Soon after his return to Northern Rhodesia, he took a proactive role in political activities. He was the first President of the United National Independence Party (UNIP), the party that paved the way to Zambia’s independence. 

Mainza Chona's contribution to Zambia's development is seen by the number of government positions he held. No one person has held more ministerial portfolios than Mainza Chona in the history of Zambia. He was Vice President and later the first Prime Minister of Zambia. 

He also served as Ambassador to the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, and France. 

Chona was a tough political manager with a charismatic disposition. With his usual beaming smile, he occasionally captured the attention of his audience by his vivacious speeches often seasoned with a lot of humour. When he spoke, people listened, heard and laughed!

Despite his significant role in Zambia’s politics and his household name, Chona remained simple and always referred to himself as ‘a humble villager.’  His extraordinary love for the ordinary person and the destitute, was one of his greatest assets that he used to serve Zambia. He also advocated for continued unity and peace amongst Zambians and to that effect, he was proud. 

Mahachi Chambers, Chona’s law firm, was always swamped with people of all sorts, from the poorest of the poor to the well to do, and yet Mainza Chona accommodated them all. Some details of his career as a lawyer can be found on this website including a prominent case that he defended.

Mainza Chona was a dedicated ardent citizen who gave of himself selflessly and worked tirelessly for his country. His life was truly one of purpose and it was well spent.

December 11, 2001 saw the untimely death of the Veteran Zambian politician and Lawyer. The life history of heroic people should never be put to rest; it should continue to teach,  guide and inspire future generations.  We hope that this website will do just that.

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I feel strongly that without a will-oiled party in power, we cannot have a good government. - June 1967

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